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Why tournaments?
Tournaments are a great way to get a lot of games in one place at a higher competition level with different teams than we would normally play.  Regional and national exposure also provides athletes with opportunities toward college goals, whether building various experiences/recognitions or garnering recruiting attention.

Traveling to overnight tournaments also provides a retreat-like opportunity for the team to come together in community, fun, and support.  Homeschool families operate our own schools and administrate our own programs. In the basketball program, we have come together as a community for the best interest of our teams and the community as a whole. Each player individually affects the team as a whole. Therefore, community is strongly advocated. Also, community means that we help and support one another as families to provide a great experience for our athletes in cooperating with each other in carpooling, lodging, etc.

Season’s Tournaments:
Typically, the program travels to NCHBC Tip-Off in St Louis at the end of October, Lebanon Girls tournament in January, Missouri State tournament in St Louis in January/February, NCHBC Regionals tournament in February/March, and NCHBC Nationals in Springfield in March.

Player Registration:
To be eligible to play at the tournaments, parents must register their athletes through the NCHBC Player Registration page at the beginning of the season.

The program will choose a team hotel and communicate booking details by email. Families are strongly encouraged to stay in the team hotel in order to facilitate community through team activities, meals, and free time.  Exceptions to this would include family or friends in the area, personal discount points at other hotels, or using AirBnB to avoid renting 2 hotel rooms.  If families are staying “off campus,” they should be sure to have their child at the scheduled team activities. If families are not able to travel, arrangements can be made for carpooling and shared hotel with coaches or other families.

If the team chooses a Drury Inn, hot meals are available in the evenings and can be reserved by a family member for the team returning after the food line has closed.

NCHBC Post-Season Brackets are released 5-7 days before the tournament start date. This means that hotel arrangements and travel plans will be generally within the scope of the published dates and can be adjusted when game times are finalized.

Top of the bracket is home (white jerseys) and keeps the official book. Bottom of the bracket is away (black jerseys) and runs the clock and keeps our team book. Volunteers are needed for those spots as well as stats and videography/photography.

From NCHBC, “Our online brackets are always the most accurate. If you print your brackets, always, always double check the online version (on phone, tablet, or computer) before heading to the gym.”

Gate Fees:
2018 Tip-Off gate fees:
     One Day Pass  $6 Individual / $18 Family
     Tournament Pass  $10 Individual / $30 Family
2018 Regional gate fees:
     Daily Gate   Adult $8 / Children & Seniors (65+) $5 / 5 & Under– Free
     Tournament Pass (all 3 days)   $50 Family Pass / $15 Adult Pass
National gate fees:  NONE!

Team Activities:
Scheduled team activities, such as team devotions or meals, will be communicated through email beforehand or through the Remind text service during the tournament. Team devotions are led by coaches, parents, and athletes. If you are interested in leading a devotion throughout the season, please talk to your coach!

Note to players:
Please arrive 45 minutes before scheduled game times.  Be sure to get adequate rest and nutrition before, during, and after!

At the Tournament:
Flexibility is key!  Schedules and activities are fluid.  Cooperation and good sportsmanship are a must.  Cheering can determine the momentum and outcome of the game.  

Volunteers are also needed as assigned by the tournament for book and clock as well as our team video and stats. Also, laundry machines are utilized at the hotel to wash uniforms after games.  The laundry machines do get busy! Be sure to bring quarters and laundry detergent.

NCHBC has posted:  “Non-game players need to stay OFF the court during timeout & quarter breaks. This is a matter of safety and must be adhered to.”

For Mavericks info: watch for email and text updates.
NCHCBC relies heavily on Facebook followed by occasional summary email.
Twitter:  @hslive365sports
Tip-Off Page:
Nationals Page:
Regionals Page:

Tips on Packing:
*Quarters and laundry soap for stinky uniforms. (Try to keep them out of the dryer.)
*Money and/or groceries for meals.
*Money for shirts ($22+)
*Board/card games for down time.
*Flexibility and Sportsmanship!
*BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug! We’ll have the Keurig in Coach’s room when boys and girls teams travel!)

Tips on Saving Money:
Save up and make this the family vacation. Pack a cooler with deli meat and sandwich fixings along with healthy snacks to tide everyone over.  Make a grocery run on arrival, and use the microwave and refrigerator in the hotel room. Bring a cot or air mattress to share hotel expenses. Carpool together to save gas.

“So whether you eat or drink [or play basketball] or whatever you do,
do it all for the glory of God.”  1 Corinthians 10:31

Mid-Missouri Mavericks is a 501(c)3 organization.
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