We have gathered information about improving your game and being recruited.  All of this can be found at our DEVELOPMENT page.


Unfortunately, injuries are a part of sports and an active life. If you are injured on or off the court, keep coming to practices and games.  You can still learn a lot from the sidelines, be an encouragement to your team, and build community.

When a minor injury happens, RICE.    Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.
Take some ibuprofen for swelling and inflammation, use ice 2-3 times a day, and rest the injured area!  A brace or wrap can help you return to activity. Work with your parents and coach to determine when you are clear to play.

On the bench:  If you have to sit out a game, be sure and wear Mavericks apparel (warm-up jersey or T-shirt) and athletic pants or game shorts.

If you have to see a doctor, keep the coach informed about what the doctor says.



Nutrition is a big part of developing yourself as a competitive athlete.  You are what you eat. So, your performance and energy will be better when you make the right choices.

Pre-Game Meals
Pre-game meals not only count as the meals right before your game, it also applies to the day before. These meals should include protein (for muscle repair and development), carbohydrates (for fuel), and fluids (for hydration). You want to stay away from excess sugar, processed foods, and sugary drinks.

Examples of good pre-game choices:
     Chicken/turkey wrap
     Pasta with meat sauce
     Peanut butter sandwich and yogurt with fruit
     Chicken stir-fry with rice or quinoa
     Roast with a baked potato and roll

Pre-game snacks
If you need a little extra fuel before a game- eating a snack an hour before might help. These snacks should be light, rich in carbs, but relatively low in fat to make it easier to digest.

     Fruit smoothie
     Protein bar

Staying hydrated is very important so make sure you are drinking lots of water.


“So whether you eat or drink [or play basketball] or whatever you do,
do it all for the glory of God.”  1 Corinthians 10:31

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