Athlete Code of Conduct

As an athlete in the Mid-Missouri Mavericks organization, I agree to:
❖ Do all things for the glory of Christ (1 Corinthians 10:31)
❖ Take ownership of my spiritual journey and grow accordingly.
❖ Honor the coach in the instructions given.
❖ Work hard to develop my skills.
❖ Be early to practices and games, ready-to-go in equipment and attitude.
❖ Show respect to my teammates, coaches, referees, and others.
❖ Exercise self-control and good sportsmanship.
❖ Encourage my teammates in a positive way.
❖ Take care of equipment and facilities (cleaning up as we go).
❖ Serve the team by volunteering during practices, games, and activities.
❖ Work hard in school to retain academic eligibility
❖ Live a life of holiness by refraining from foul language, drugs, alcohol, pornography,
sexual activity, or other questionable practices.
❖ Represent our team by demonstrating a positive attitude on social media, as spectators in the bleachers, while hanging out, etc.